Past/Current Clients

Make Something Cool with Alex Sugg | Desert Voices x Shaleen Kendrick | Daje x Kinspirit x Storydoula | The People's Cup with Ray Garza | Dr. Dj Torres | | Paul Fitzgerald | Dovey Conlee | Reverend Dr. David Moore x Kerry Connelly


🤝 Make Something Cool with Alex Sugg

Producer/Editor - Make Something Cool is an interview podcast with elite creators about their pathway to success. In each episode, you'll hear the tactics, tips, and resources they used to get there.

🎨 Make Daily by Make Something Cool

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Dialogue editing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Have production meetings via Google Meet with Alex Sugg to ensure the production of the show is going as planned.

✝️ God is Not an A**hole with Reverend Dr. David Moore and Kerry Connelly

Editor - The God is Not an Asshole explores the social conditions around the Christian experience, and imagines a new way to understand + talk about God that is inclusive, liberative, and loving.

⚡ Desert Voices host by Shaleen Kendrick

Producer/Editor - Desert Voices is a RESOURCE HUB to help you thrive in desert spirituality. We spark curiosity and boldly explore spirituality to contribute to human flourishing.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Dialogue editing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Social media content creation — Audiograms and quote cards. Finding quotes from the episodes and other related content to turn into social media posts for promotion.
  • Having production meetings via Zoom with the hosts to go over edits, episodes, structure, and how we can continue to improve the show.

🥃 The People's Cup

Editor from Pilot to Episode 62 - A podcast talking about passionate things with friends who are passionate about those things. To create space of Creativity, Culture, and community. A podcast by Ray Garza.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Dialogue editing
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Branding for the podcast logo
  • Creating audiograms for social media promotion


I sit down with Alex Sugg, host of Make Something Cool and talk about how we failed at making a daily podcast.

In these 5 Youtube episodes, Alex Sugg and I talk about the one minute read Make Daily Newsletter and dive deeper into the Idea, Reflection, and Action.

In this episode, I am a guest on The Kinspirit Podcast hosted by Daje being interviewed about my past religious affiliations, faith, spirituality and discuss ideas around loving kindness, inherent belonging, becoming familiar with otherness.

I am guest on the Desert Voices podcast that I edit and produce being interviewed about spiritual evolution and becoming with host Shaleen Kendrick

In these two episodes of The People’s Cup, I am interviewed by Ray, the host, about the Enneagram — a typology and framework that helps people discover their motivations and how they show up in the world, discover patterns, blindspots, triggers, and overall a tool used to guide people to become their whole selves.

The second episode I am guest alongside Ray and Sam having a conversation around movies, music, and pop culture.