Short Films

🏃‍♂️ Why Run - Jacob Martinez - Run Club Worldwide - Director, Producer, DP, Editor

Just run As you are Where you are Runner: Jacob Martinez Location: Albuquerque, NM Music: Frontier by Kurtis Parks Run Club World Wide:

😷 Extended Stay - Director, Producer, DP, Editor, Writer

Short Film shot for the Casey Neistat Monthly class.

Spontaneous film assignment and I didn't know I would be in quarantine when I started this class. I was limited to my room and my situation so I told the story of how I tested positive for Covid 19 while house sitting. We had to find an idea, recommended to shoot on a smartphone in a few days, edit in a few days, and upload.

Here's my film for this assignment.

There is humor in this film but it's not my intentions to make light of Covid 19. I understand the severity and I consider myself lucky to have had a mild experience in comparison to hundreds and hundreds of thousands.

Be safe out there.

  • 19 days include house sitting days, quarantine days, and extra quarantine days to be extra cautious before being around at risk people.

🎬 A Man Named Paul - Writer, Producer, Script Supervisor

First project I've ever worked on. Jordee and I wore every hat possible trying to make this story come to life. I had never written anything before. I literally googled "how to write a screenplay". I didn't know what I was doing but put one foot after another, failed a whole ton, and learned a great amount.

An Albuquerque Film and Music Experience 2014 official selection

🧵 Stitch Perfect - Director, Writer, and Producer

The story of a man and his bounce back to doing what he loves.

Short Documentaries

💈 All Styles Welcome - Writing collaboration

In the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, culture and community intersect at a small barber shop on Yrisarri Block.

2019 New Mexico Filmmakers Showcase - Best Documentary 2019 ABQ Indie Film Festival - Best Short Documentary 2019 Madrid Film Festival - Best Documentary 2019 Mindfield Film Festival - Best Urban Documentary 2019 Albuquerque Film and Music Experience - Official Selection

👴 Volunteer - Special Thanks

92-year-old Howard Henry chooses to stay busy and avoid aging by going to work every day 2020 Bend Film - Special Jury Award Student Documentary 2020 Mindfield Film Festival - Best NM Documentary 2020 Nevada Cityfulm Festival - Official Selection 2020 Albuquerque Film and Music Experience - Official Selection 2020 Bureau of Creative Works - Official Selection 2021 The Santa Fe Film Festival - Official Selection

Promotional Videos

💪 Spartan Jerky Kickstarter Video - Directed, shot, edited

Spartan Jerky is a family company based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. For many years, our jerky was made for the enjoyment of friends and family. It became time to take Spartan Jerky nationwide. At Spartan Jerky, we take pride in providing an all natural beef jerky.

🎙 Kevin Herig Vinyl Release Kickstarter - Directed, shot, edited

First Vinyl pressing of the newest record, "Stubborn Heart," and plenty of things for the non-vinyl folks too!

🥬 Farmer's Hive testimony video - Shot, colored

Farmer’s Hive delivers the latest in sensor technology using Internet Of Things to remotely communicate your agricultural environment in real-time.

💇‍♀️ Theresa donates 100 inches of hair - Directed, shot, edited

"Here is a video of me donating my hair for the 10th time to make a total of 100 inches donated to make wigs for cancer and hair loss patients! I decided to shave my head to raise money for St. Baldricks Foundation as well! Please enjoy!"

Music Videos

🎸 Kevin Herig

Kevin has been deeply rooted in the Albuquerque music scene since his debut in 2006 with his first band, Asper Kourt. With Kevin as the frontman, the band was chosen by and featured on as their, “The Needle in the Haystack," and was featured on The Food Network’s, “What Would Brian Boitano Make?” Kevin released his debut solo album, “Give It All Away,” in early 2014, an EP, “All You Can’t Control” in March of 2016, and most recently his second full-length LP, "Stubborn Heart" in December of 2018.

Matchbox - Shot and Edited

SS Palo Alto - Shot and Edited

Honeyless Bee - Shot and Edited

I Will Be Here - Shot and Edited


👨‍👩‍👦 Breaking Dad with Jeremiah Bitsui - Videographer, co-editor

Follow @JeremiahBitsui (Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul) as he continues his acting career while breaking into his toughest role of all – being a dad. #BreakingDad